Refund Policy

Buysoundcloud is constantly 100% genuine and loyal to our customers. We do express that we will offer discount if your request is not finished in the timeline expressed on our site. We convey a quality final result as well as we convey a quick result which is finished more often than not under what the time period is that you see on our site.

We express the discounts approach in light of the fact that we are exceptionally certain that we will convey your request inside of the time allotment you see. The main time your request will take longer is if your connection is private or your connection is slow so please make sure to check before you send it over to us to process.

We have a 24/7 client bolster group on the off chance that you have any inquiries with respect to making your profile open. It would be ideal if you think seriously about the measure of requests that are placed with a consistent schedule with our organization so you will be the one to verify there is not an issue with your connection. We are mindful that there are a few people out there that will get the request and afterward put their record as private and say they didn’t get it, despite the fact that the people do that we can even now check so please verify you have not got that demeanor when requesting through us as you will be banned from entering our site.