Should You Buy Soundcloud Plays? | We Answer All Of Your Questions

Something I hear a lot of musicians talk about is buying Soundcloud Plays. They have a numerous amount of questions and we’ll try to answer them all for you here in this blog post.


When Should You Buy Soundcloud Plays?


That’s a tough question to answer. Is buying plays the right thing to do for you? Well if you already get tons of organic plays you probably wouldn’t be interested in purchasing views in the first place! So I’m assuming you have very few plays and want to increase your plays count.


If so, then the answer is YES! You most definitely should pay for plays!


I’ll list a couple reasons why:


  1. Manipulation of the Soundcloud algorithm. It’s surprising to me how people don’t take into account the algorithm. It sounds intimidating but trust me, it’s easy to understand the concept and that’s all you have to know. The algorithm is basically coding that decides what artists to display at the top of category pages in the Charts tab. If you click the link you’ll see there are tons of categories to show up in. These category pages get tons of organic views. If you buy enough plays, likes, and reposts you can show up in the top of one of these pages. See the benefit?
  2. Reputation. How many times have you skipped over someone’s track after checking their play count? I know I’m guilty of it and I can guarantee you are too! What do you thinks happening to your song if it only has 42 plays on it? It’s getting skipped over too and you’re missing out on a bunch of organic plays! People are also more likely to repost your music if they like it and they see others have liked your music too.


Are the Plays Real Or Fake?


Well that’s a tough question to answer being that there are so many sellers out there. Literally 100’s if not thousands of people that sell services. And many of them are selling fake plays so be weary. A company called Devumi just went under fire this winter when it was accused of selling fake followers. Not cool because we purchased followers from Devumi in the past and noticed they looked a little suspicious.


So stay on the lookout for fake plays. If buying Soundcloud plays I always advise having a test account, where you upload your songs just to test out services. That way if the quality is poor you didn’t just screw up your actual profile. You don’t want to get a tons of likes and reposts from blank profiles or irrelevant pictures like animals and landscapes. Who has a landscape as their Soundcloud profile pic? No one except ghost accounts.


Wanna see what fake profiles look like? Take a look:


soundcloud reposts

This is what Soundcloud reposts look like.


Yup! This is an order I bought for one of my test accounts and the seller claimed they were reposts from real people. I had to LOL when I looked at the profile pics from my reposts!


Now when it comes to real plays, we’ve tested multiple services and My Music Viral is only site with real Soundcloud Plays. I’ve spoke with the owners over there and they’re always updating their systems to stay ahead of the game when it comes to providing social media services to musicians.


Is It Right For You?


This is the question you have to ask yourself. If you’re already getting tons of organic SC plays, then you should focus on promoting merchandise and shows to your current audience. Get active on your other social media channels with video and imagery that links back to your Soundcloud.


Look at all the artists that got big on Soundcloud. Russ, Post Malone, and Bryson Tiller just to name a few. These guys are beasts in the rap industry and they made there way up the ranks in Soundcloud first.


Because Soundcloud is “underdeveloped” when compared to other social networks and their algorithms, it’s alot easier to move up the ranks. You can literally purchase fans and be hot over night!

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