By Chance, A Rapper Saved Soundcloud

By Chance, A Rapper Saved Soundcloud

Last year Soundcloud had a rough spring and there were whispers being spoken through megaphones, saying “hey Soundcloud may just be shutting down for good”. Well if you’re a musician like myself, this was quite horrifying to hear. I mean, we’re only talking about the platform that spawned artists like Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Russ, Alina Baraz, Marian Hill, and many more!


Soundcloud was literally the launchpad for most of your hip hop artists today.


So I think its only right that we pay tribute to Chance the Rapper for assisting in saving Soundcloud so that so many musicians like myself can continue on our paths.


So what happened?


Chance The Rapper Helps Soundcloud


Last year in July, Soundcloud laid off 40% of its staff and even shut down their office in London completely. This hit the Soundcloud community like a ton of bricks. Many artists that have had their entire music library and personal tracks stored on Soundcloud, questioned what would happen to their music if Soundcloud shut down suddenly.


Chance the Rapper, after a series of tweets that suggested he was meeting with Alex Ljung, and said “I’m working on the Soundcloud thing”, came back later to tweet “Soundcloud isn’t going anywhere….”. Which was incredibly reassuring to me, although at the time I didn’t really understand the details, I just knew I could possibly lose a platform I loved.


This isn’t the first of noble acts from the Chicago rapper. He also donated $1million to Chicago public schools. He’s a brilliant philanthropist first, and a musician 2nd in my eyes. But overall, he’s definitely a savvy business man and someone that many should look up to!


Thankful For Chance


Would the platform had disappeared without Chance? Who knows, but what I do know is, I don’t thin he would’ve stepped up if they didn’t need him. SO although we don’t know the full details, send a shout out to Chance for saving a platform that is near and dear to all of us.


Keep making good music good people, and until next time………cheers.

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