First on SoundCloud Finds New Way to Promote And Celebrate Creators

first on soundcloud

First on SoundCloud Finds New Way to Promote And Celebrate Creators

SoundCloud launched their “First On SoundCloud” campaign to celebrate and give a push to ten artists they consider “groundbreaking”.



SoundCloud recently announced the launch of “First On SoundCloud”; an initiative that SoundCloud says will celebrate the inspirational stories and raw energy of the creators who began their musical careers through SoundCloud.


The First on SoundCloud initiative is to put 10 artists from among the global community into the spotlight. The artists will come from a range of genres including electronic, hip-hop, and pop. SoundCloud is going to use apps, social feeds, playlists, and newsletters to bring their stories to life. They will also be launching an advertising campaign for the creators for the first time ever.


Outside of these lucky few artists SoundCloud is also going to push the 10 million plus creators that regularly use the platform. They are offering every creator the opportunity to upload their music and be heard through First on SoundCloud. All an artist has to do is tag their track with the hashtag #SCFIRST to be in with the chance to get promoted on SoundCloud through:


The First On SoundCloud Playlist

Creators that upload their tracks to SoundCloud using the hashtag have the potential to get their track featured in the “First on SoundCloud” playlist right on the homepage of SoundCloud. This is sure to give them plenty of global exposure to new fans and will get them lots of plays, likes, and follows.


#SCFIRST on Social

Uploading a track and tagging it #SCFIRST allows creators to use the seamless Twitter integration SoundCloud offers to get their track tweeted out with the #SCFIRST hashtag. SoundCloud will then randomly choose among these creator tweets to promote on their own profile to millions of followers.


#SCFIRST in SoundCloud Blogs and Newsletters

SoundCloud is going to randomly choose from the creators who use the #SCFIRST tag on their new tracks to spotlight on their blog and in their newsletter.


SoundCloud is hoping to use music, photography, and videos to enhance the careers of their creators and give them the power to advance their careers. SoundCloud will help emerging artists reach a worldwide audience on their global platform that has become a port of call for lesser-known and independent artists to share their music.

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