Free Artist Marketing Platform Pandora AMP Gets Major Upgrade

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Free Artist Marketing Platform Pandora AMP Gets Major Upgrade

Pandora have launched a massive upgrade for the Pandora AMP platform that adds lots of new functions to the free marketing platform for artists.


The streaming service Pandora released Pandora AMP to help artists break out their music, examine how their music is performing, and connect with their fans. Pandora issued a new update for the AMP platform that provides enhanced analytics, opportunities for direct marketing, communicating with fans, and so much more.


The head and CEO of the Music Maker Group under Pandora – Sara Clemens – says that it has always been their mission to provide artists with the chance to find an audience on Pandora, which has over 78 million users. The AMP platform gets rid of the guesswork, helps new artists to break out and be noticed, brings new music from established artists to the surface, and creates brand new revenue streams.


The new and improved analytics Pandora offers are powered by Next Big Sound, a music analysis company Pandora acquired last year. There’s more to AMP than the analytics though. The platform is built around offering content creators unique chances to interact with fans. AMP now allows users to create Artist Audio Messages that can then be shared across social media and geo-targeted for particular countries/regions – all without having to leave the app.


Here’s a look at the latest tools for promotion Pandora AMP offers artists:


  • Artist Audio Messages

These messages can be recorded by artists, who can customize them using calls to action and images. They can be set to play before or after specific tracks and can also be geo-targeted to a specific market.

  • Featured Tracks

Featured tracks give an artist the chance to promote their latest single across Pandora and get real-time feedback including thumbs up and down and station creations to gauge how listeners feel about them.

  • Ticketfly Integration

Artists are able to promote their shows at Ticketfly venues through Artist Audio Messages. This integration also adds “click to buy” links and suggests potential dates for artists and offers geo-targeting their message based on where the event is being held.


There’s more than just Pandora AMP getting a fresh coat of paint though. As Pandora move closer to the launch of their latest streaming service, their streaming service has received a makeover and they’ve integrated music sharing features into iMessage. Pandora clearly wants to present their service as best as possible before the official launch, and we could be seeing more updates on the horizon as the launch date isn’t official yet.


Find out more about Pandora AMP and sign up to the service at

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