How to Easily Grow SoundCloud Plays and Followers

How to Easily Grow SoundCloud Plays and Followers

One of the most difficult parts of being a musician and growing your career is getting people to tune into you, listen to your music, and become dedicated fans. The good news is that SoundCloud has some tips to do just that.


Create an Attention-Grabbing Bio

Think of your bio as a way to grab someone’s attention and convince them to care about you and your music. It’s an elevator pitch to get them to listen to you. Use a few short sentences to tell them something about you. This is all the space that you have, and it’s all you need if you know what you’re doing. Be serious about it.


There’s Nothing Wrong with Sharing; Add Some Links to your Profile

It’s not like you’re cheating on SoundCloud with Facebook and Twitter or anything like that. Everyone has multiple social media accounts. The goal here is to get your music out to as many people as you can and to make sure that a wide audience know that you’ve created something (and what it is).


Click the Links tab on your profile to add the social media accounts and other websites associated with you and your music. It could be the homepage of your band or podcast, or perhaps the website of a festival that you’ll be playing at. There’s no need to be shy here. It’s a great way for fans to find you and learn more about what you’re up to. If you include links to Bandpage and Songkick then SoundCloud automatically displays upcoming shows, so don’t forget to take advantage of this great feature!


Showcase your Best Tracks

If you’ve invested in a Pro or Pro Unlimited account, then SoundCloud has a great Spotlight feature that can be used to list five tracks or playlists right at the top of your profile. The tracks listed as part of the Spotlight are highlighted on the profile. Your other tracks will still be displayed of course – with recent uploads to the top – below these spotlighted tracks.

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