How to Reach as Many People as Possible on SoundCloud

How to Reach as Many People as Possible on SoundCloud

Releasing music on SoundCloud is good and all, but it may take more than that to get heard. Here are some things you can do to ensure your music is reaching as many people as possible.


SoundCloud has some great advice on ensuring the tracks you upload are properly optimized to get more people listening to them.

Keep Track, Album, and Playlist Titles Simple and Clean

This doesn’t mean that you should censor your titles. When we say “clean”, we mean such as cleaning your room. Tidy track titles means that people know just what it is they’re listening to, just like having a clean room means you know where everything is.


Don’t clog titles with duplicate information you’ve mentioned elsewhere. There’s no point in putting the track number in the track title for example. If uploading to the account of a label then the titles should be listed as “Artist Name – Track Title” to ensure artists are properly identified and the track isn’t attributed to the account that uploaded it.


As a journalist or podcaster sharing audio on SoundCloud, you want to include important information like the names of any guests and the discussion topics in the title. That will help people search for – and discover – your work.


Use Images and Descriptions to Their Fullest

Music should look as good as it sounds. Upload some album and track artwork with your music. It’s best to use high resolution images. You can do some basic editing – such as zooming and repositioning – to get the perfect fit when uploading pictures.


If you want to include some extra information, then look no further than the descriptions for tracks and albums. Mention the backstory/inspiration for the track, add any credits or lyrics and mention the gear or guests involved. Add links to the SoundCloud profiles of your collaborators to feature them.


The main thing you want to do is ensure that the information and writing style you choose to present tracks is consistent. This makes everything look more professional.


Don’t Overlook SoundCloud Mood and Genre Tags

SoundCloud uses algorithms to recommend tracks to listeners. That’s why you want to ensure that your tracks have been tagged with accurate and relevant genre information. As well as choosing the main genre, you should also tag tracks with some relevant sub-genres and the moods you feel best describe it. Don’t go crazy though, and only add a couple of relevant tags. Don’t over-tag your tracks!


As an audio creator, you want to be sure that the first tag corresponds to a main category in the charts. From there you can go from generic terms such as “podcast” to specific ones such as “NPR”. It can also help to include the names of your guests or the places you are discussing.


Build a Discography on SoundCloud

When playlists marked as EPs, singles, albums, and compilations are uploaded to SoundCloud, they are added to “albums” on your profile. These playlists will be listed in the order they were released so fans have an easier time finding what they want and adding it to their collections.


If you wanted to upload some of your old tracks then they are displayed in the discography without taking time or attention away from the most-recent songs you’ve uploaded.


Editing Multiple Tracks at Once

We’ve got great news for people that want to update several tracks at the same time and – rightfully – feel that it’s a tedious task. You can change the information – such as settings, artwork, and tags – on several tracks at once and create new playlists from a selection. You can do this by going to Choose the tracks to change and then click the “Add” or “Edit” button to make the changes.

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