How to Stand Out on SoundCloud

How to Stand Out on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is packed full of incredible artists sharing their music, but it can be incredibly difficult to get your music heard in such a large crowd. Here are some tips to help you stand out on SoundCloud and get heard.


SoundCloud released their own tips on getting noticed on the platform and spreading your music. The key is to make a personal mark on the platform and let people know what makes you – and your music – different from everything else out there. You have to stand out yourself.


Have an Up-To-Date Profile

  • Make sure your profile picture is current – unless you’re trying to go for the school photo look.
  • The banner image at the top of your profile should be used to shout out whatever it is that you’re currently promoting, such as an album, a new track, or tour dates.
  • Make sure to list your contact information and social media accounts in the profile description
  • Include links to your tour dates to Bandpage and Songkick
  • Use the Spotlight feature – assuming you have a Pro account – to highlight your greatest tracks

Study the Stats

  • SoundCloud offers a wealth of stats that include things such as the countries and cities where your listeners are from, what websites are playing your tracks, and more
  • Study these stats to give you a better insight into radio, touring, and brand opportunities – these stats show you where to go
  • The “top country” data could be used to pitch a new artist to bigger acts on tour
  • The “top city” data could be used as leverage to get radio stations to play songs for developing artists
  • The “top listeners” information could be used to assemble a digital “street team” to network with fans and run contests, etc.
  • The “top websites” information can help evaluate your current online reach and put together smart advertising campaigns


Engage with Collaborators and Other Users

  • Follow artists that you have engaged and worked with. These people are your musical family now and you should get to know them.
  • Repost and like tracks that you have been featured on. The feeling quickly becomes mutual and people promote your tracks in return.
  • Create playlists for fans to learn more about your music and get them hooked to other artists you enjoy


SoundCloud Marketing Basics

Here are some ideas to get you started with marketing on SoundCloud. Get your tracks in front of people with these simple basics:


  • Announcements Record audio announcements about tours and new music and then upload them as tracks to your account. Encourage your followers by continue following you for further updates.


  • GiveawaysThe stats on SoundCloud give you a wealth of information, including which fans are streaming your content most. Run contests where the people that stream a song the most across a week will win a prize. Just be sure that you’re offering a legitimate prize people would want and that you can deliver it to the lucky winner.


  • Teaser PreviewsUpload sample tracks and replace them with the full version of a song when it’s finished. The fan engagement for the original track will stay because you only changed the audio of the track.


  • Regularly Hold a Q&A/Ask Me Anything

Inviting fans to ask you questions is a great way to connect with them on social media and engage with them. You can take questions on social media and release the answers as a track on SoundCloud.


  • Direct Message Fans and Record Private Tracks to Send Them

With SoundCloud direct messaging you can connect with fans directly. You can also connect with individual fans using real-time comments on tracks.

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