Schedule Music to Be Released On SoundCloud When You Want

Schedule Music to Be Released On SoundCloud When You Want

SoundCloud is making it easier than ever to release your music how and when you want. There are now features that allow you to choose just when your latest track goes live on the platform.


SoundCloud has now added scheduled releases to allow users to choose the exact time and date that their latest track or album goes up on the platform. Pro Unlimited SoundCloud users now have the choice of picking a specific time and date that they want music to go live on the platform. I’m exited because of the anticipation this would build for my own album releases!


What Does This Mean Exactly?


This means you have the freedom to promote new releases ahead of time and let fans know when they should expect the latest release. Give the most loyal fans a friendly heads up to let them know when they should check the music out. Another great advantage of this feature is being able to synchronize the release of your music across every platform you use. That means all your fans can enjoy your new music at the same time, no matter which platform they listen to it on.


schedule songs on soundcloud

Schedule your song on Soundcloud now!

The image to the left shows where you can schedule the song at.


SoundCloud released a statement about the feature saying they are excited to make it even easier to grow your music career. Users can now schedule their uploads to go up at a set time and will now never have to change their plans again.


The feature is only available for SoundCloud Pro Unlimited creators. They can take advantage of these scheduled releases to get their music live when they want it, whether they are:


  • Timing a track to release when it goes live for the first time
  • Finished creating a track but want to wait until releasing it
  • Making a mix available as soon as the set is finished
  • Delivering a weekly podcast on time, every time
  • Timing track releases to keep them synced up across time zones and tour dates


If you’re a content creator on Soundcloud you definitely need to be taking advantage of this!

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