Spotify Announces New Music Policies to Fight “Hateful Content”

Spotify Announces New Music Policies to Fight “Hateful Content”

***UPDATE: After coming under fire by musicians in the industry, Spotify has now rolled back their plan for this policy. (I agree, it was redundant in the first place!)

Spotify has revealed plans to take action against content they consider hateful on their platform.


Spotify recently outlined their Hateful Conduct Public Policy, which aims to tackle offensive content on their platform that they feel is targeted to particular groups. It’s sure to be a tough battle for the platform, given that over 20,000 uploads are made to Spotify each day; adding to their current catalog of over 30 million tracks currently streaming on Spotify.


The company released a statement saying they felt that one of the most incredible things about music is that there are so many genres, experiences, cultures, and stories embedded into it. They added that they will not tolerate hateful content on Spotify; that is to say content that expressly and principally promotes, incites, or condones hatred and violence against groups of individuals based on characteristics about them such as their race, religion, sex, gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.


Spotify Takes Action


Spotify say that they will be responding to hateful content on a case-by-case basis. They may remove the content after consulting rights holders, or they may make it so the content cannot be promoted on the platform or put into playlists. They announced that they would be removing R Kelly from playlists after several women came forward about the sexual abuse they allegedly suffered at the hands of the artist, who has been mired in controversy for years over his sexual abuse.


When it comes to R Kelly, Spotify said that they didn’t want to censor content based on the creator’s behavior, but they still want their editorial decisions – that is to say the content they choose to program – to reflect their values. If an artist or creator was to do something that was especially hateful or harmful, then it could impact their relationship with that creator and how they work with – and support – them.


Spotify is Creating Alliances with Snowflake Organizations to Combat Hateful Content


Spotify have announced partnerships with a number of rights advocacy groups including the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Color of Change, GLAAD, Showing up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Muslim Advocates, and the International Network Against Cyber Hate. They are also going to use their own in-built monitoring tool to identify the hateful content and ask users to contact them if they find something that they consider hate content. Spotify can be contacted at Which is completely asinine. Let a bunch a snowflakes moderate content, yeah I don’ think that’s such a great idea.


The new policy on hateful content Spotify have launched has no guidelines set in stone for what is – and isn’t – considered harmfully offensive. They say they are going to tackle every case on a contextual basis and will take into account the fact that cultural sensitivities and standards can vary dramatically. They feel that some content will always be acceptable under certain circumstances.


And to my millennial reader’s, please stop being snowflakes that melt anytime the temp raises one degree above zero! you’ve got the woman from Perdue who think we should ask our babies for consent to change their diaper, they’re trying to take our guns away, and no music that may offend people! Get over yourselves. Offensive behavior is the core of comedy. Keep down this road my millennial snowflakes, and you will exit in the clearing only to realize all of your rights have been stripped away!


Chill the f&%k out!

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