Track Every Play on SoundCloud with Real-Time Statistics

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Track Every Play on SoundCloud with Real-Time Statistics

Watch as your play count rises in real-time on SoundCloud as SoundCloud statistics show your song’s performance as it happens.


SoundCloud is known for offering great statistics on songs, and now these statistics update in real-time. Now you can watch the play count of your music build before your eyes as people listen to your music. You’ll gain an instant insight into listeners and just how tracks are performing.


The statistics page now features a new “Today” view that presents you with a breakdown of views across the day. You’ll see just when people log in and listen to your music. If you find that your music is peaking during the early afternoon for example, you can use this time to your uploads, promotions, and the like for maximum impact. Or you could just sit back and watch as the play count rises if you’d like.


Soundcloud Wants You To Succeed


SoundCloud issued a statement about the new feature, saying that creators understand how important it is to track the performance of their music; whether they are uploading their first track or have millions of followers. It’s particularly important to understand this performance during critical moments such as during promotions and releasing new tracks. Our culture moves quickly and so creators have to monitor how tracks are performing, capitalizing on every surge, spike, and share as they happen.


Keep track of real-time stats for the current day through the SoundCloud website and also through the SoundCloud Pulse app. Choose “today” from the drop-down menu to see the latest totals, top lists, and graphs. The page doesn’t update in real time but you can just refresh the page to get the latest to-the-minute statistics.


SoundCloud finished their announcement by saying they are excited for the year ahead of them and hope their creators are too. They announced their excitement at getting to offer even more tools to empower creators to continue their creative journey and advance their careers.

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