Use SoundCloud’s Premier Tools to Reach a Larger Audience

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Use SoundCloud’s Premier Tools to Reach a Larger Audience

SoundCloud has enhanced their selection of premier tools to make it easier for Premier members to get their music heard by a larger audience.


SoundCloud now offers more promotional and marketing opportunities for musicians on the platform to get their music to a wider audience and reach more fans. The SoundCloud Premier service is currently only offered on an invite-only basis but SoundCloud plans on expanding it and allowing more artists access by the end of the year.


Musical duo The Cathedrals – who are themselves members of SoundCloud Premier – said that it made them feel connected to the company. The program has been simply amazing for everything they wanted to do. The Cathedrals are self-managed and are releasing their music independently, so having the chance to work directly with people that care deeply about their music has been one of the key benefits of joining the Premier program.


SoundCloud Premier is getting a number of new additions that make it even more enticing, including:


Playlist Promotion for New Releases

Do you have a new track or album that you’re ready to release? The tracks that Premier creators upload are automatically eligible to be promoted among featured playlists such as the “Fresh Pressed” new music posted to the homepage of SoundCloud.


SoundCloud Media Promotion

The latest and trending Premier artists may be spotlighted by SoundCloud across their social media networks, placements in newsletters, audio and video promo spots across the platform, and other out-of-home marketing opportunities SoundCloud offers.


Opportunities for Brand Partnership

SoundCloud will connect creators with some of the biggest brands in the world for partnership opportunities. These partnerships will give them plenty of exposure, not to mention some extra money.


Live Showcases

Premier creators will be the go-to choice when it comes to SoundCloud live events such as SXSW and other pop-up performances. SoundCloud will be giving premier creators more chances to perfect their live shows and build their fanbases.


Great Support

SoundCloud Premier users will receive dedicated community support, as well as some extra educational resources to get started with SoundCloud Premium and make the most out of their new opportunity.




I’m definitely taking advantage of this as an artist my self and will be monetizing my music here in the future! I’ll keep you guys updated on the process and if I’m successful getting a premier account!

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