YBN Cordae Response To 1985 J. Cole

Ayoung man by the name of YBN Cordae responded to J. Cole’s “diss” track 1985. Some will argue whether 1985 was a diss or not, but my personal opinion, yeah J. Cole kinda went in on em’. He never said Lil Pump by name, but you can tell by some of the references in the verse who it was directed at. J. Cole and Lil Pump eventually did a very cringe worthy “interview” with each other to show fans “everything is cool” between the 2 artists and there is no beef.

However, YBN Cordae obviously felt that some of Cole’s line were……….well, out of line so to speak. I’m a bit of an older head myself, so I loved J. Cole’s 1985. So when I saw the headline and that someone had actually responded, the first thought was “Yeah right, garbage”.

YBN Cordae Smashed this Joint and Changed My P.O.V

The lyricism and philosophical wisdom expressed in this verse is beyond the wisdom of this man’s age group. Most kids aren’t this sharp, but this verse gives a lot of context to the lives of today’s youth.

The Irony Of It All

It really hit home for me in the firs 8 bars when Cordae says, “Let’s take it back when hip hop originated /And old niggas said it was wack, they couldn’t take it/ And called it a little trend, said it wouldn’t last/ Now it’s the number one genre as the time passed” Yeah that pretty made me re-think everything I feel about this new generation of rap.

Here’s another video from YBN that he just recently dropped. He’s going pretty hard on the mixtape stuff and I can bet that we’re gonna see YBN around for the long haul, especially if he continues to drop the wisdom and knowledge expressed in the 1985 response. 

I’m definitely gonna put this guy on my watch list and keep y’all updated on how this young man progresses.

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